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Ready to Fly? Emerging from your Pandemic Cocoon and spreading your beautiful Zumba Butterfly wings!

Post-Pandemic Re-entry Anxiety is real. We get it. Many have been cooped up in their home cocoon. A year later, society is opening back up, but it is a whole new world. How will we adjust? Will we be safe? What can we do?

Even though we’ve been teaching outdoors since last summer, I still have Covid PTSD. When I watch shows or commercials I am shocked when I don’t see them in facemasks, as that is how I’m used to seeing people now. I will step way from people getting too close, when before I’d reach in for a hug. It’s definitely taking it’s toll on all of us.

I really enjoyed my pastors sermon on 4/18 addressing these issues. Even as she compares it to new life, I thought of our students coming back to “life” (ie. class) after all this time off.

Slow, Small, Soon. Those were the key words post-pandemic. To us that means if you aren’t doing any exercise, take one class to begin with, start online or outdoors, slowly add more as you adjust. Start soon, as the longer you wait the harder it gets psychologically.

Get outside of yourself and think of the big picture. Remember what brought you joy. Revive those things that defined your identity.

The post-pandemic world will look different. Things will not be perfectly the same. There is a new norm to keep us safe and adjust to our new life. Standing in a short line to make sure everyone around us is healthy is a small price to pay for our safety. Wearing a mask when not everyone is vaccinated is caring about our fellow students. Limited class sizes mean a more personal environment for you, and there will still be 10-20 friends to talk to! Different is okay. We will be okay.

Re-enter society together. Re-enter Zumba together with our Zumba family. As we navigate our post Pandemic world we need each other. We need to move to help with our anxiety, burn off stress, and we need our friends to help us get through this re-entry.

We need friendship, happiness and exercise endorphins!